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so here’s my fanvid. I hope you like it :)

I know it’s really simple in terms of effects and stuff but explanation is in the description. Bigger and better things coming up after Year 12, I promise :)

Hey, I saw your tags on the gifset I did of Phryne's costumes in Cocaine Blues - yes it will be a series! I'm hoping to get more done soon :)
missfishersmurdermysteries missfishersmurdermysteries Said:

Awesome! That would be wonderful and more.

Everyone make sure you check for updates….all the Phryne fashions brought to you by mariusperkins.



why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 15/25

Phryne & Jack - Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries


You were right. About everything. I love you and your sexy butch lesbian 1920s Aussie surgeon.

I will never doubt you again.



It’s almost 4am and I’m reading a 1922 Emily Post book I found online so I can have Phryne and Jack properly attired for this particular moment.

What has my life come to.