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"He’ll be back"



More Jack in cars … and I wonder whether he knew what a bumpy ride he was in for?

Thanks izzyandlouie for the suggestion!

Nice one - I don’t think he’s been in the car since!

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Miss Fisher’s Murder MysteriesThe Green Mill Murder (Season1 Episode 3)

Wear a red flower. Bring ten quid. What’s yer name, girl?’

'Joan Barnard,' said Phryne and the voice became unctuous.


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries


Sultry Jack Requirements:
Intense eyes - check
Lips in half smirk - check
Set jaw - check
My favorite suit - bonus
Said suit on the floor - priceless


Playing with Jack and Phryne.

  • Jack: Please don't do the thing, Miss Fisher.
  • Phryne: *does the thing*
  • Jack: ...goddammit.
  • Jack: *helps her do the thing*


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is officially the best show in the history of ever and nobody can tell me otherwise. It’s an Australian show about a kick ass female detective in the 20’s who wears the most beautiful clothes I’ve ever seen, and is quite blatantly a feminist. Not only will the show give you goosebumps, but it address a lot of issues from the time period without shame as well. Go watch it if you haven’t. Like right now. I’m serious. It’s on Netflix and it’s awesome.