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I know it’s not exactly the breaking news we’re all hoping for, but here’s a cute promo piece. Full size is here.

Series 2 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is streaming exclusively at www.acorn.tv


I told you I was telling the truth!


Last weekend I went to the Sydney costume exhibition (at Old Government House) which was pretty exciting! Each room has a theme and its wonderful to look at the costumes and accessories up close.

My favourites still remain the clothes in the Queenscliff episode (Dead Man’s Chest)!


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries +  faceless

You`re an idealist Phryne Fisher, although you hide it.
Guilty as charged.
Lin Chung, Ruddy Gore. (via mr-tribbiani)


Thought our Aussie followers might appreciate this article about how we can’t get enough of your TV in the States and Canada.