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Some great research material here for fic, including the official ABC Concept Document including backstories, including this little gem:

"The relationship between Jack and Phryne is underpinned by a growing attraction and sexual tension, which is never dissipated - because it can never be consummated. It creates a spark between them but also, down the track, some moments of real poignancy as they both become aware of a grand passion that will never be.”

Someone at the ABC needs to be told this could cause serious emotional harm to their audience!

(Note to self:  rewrite concept document to reinterpret the bit about the grand passion never being. Mwahahahahaaaa *twirls writerly moustache*)


Jack leaning against door jambs.

(Thanks to Evendale for putting the idea in my head)

(via phrynesboudoir)

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Tuba Skinny,
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Music from the Second Series


Jazz Battle || ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Music from the Second Series’ || Tuba Skinny


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 1x03 - The Green Mill Murder

Murder Most Scandalous - The Moment


Murder Most Scandalous - The Moment


 Nathan Page as ‘Howard’ in the short film ‘Vote Yes’

… but I couldn’t help overhearing in the hallway.